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Difficulty:  Moderate to Canal Run, due to distance. Moderate to difficult from Canal Run to Billys Lake. 

Distance:  16 miles.

General Location:  It's the long trail that cuts across the Refuge in east-west direction. Includes the Suwannee Canal.

Connects:  Suwannee Canal Recreation Area to nearly Stephen C. Foster State Park. Connects to the Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple, and Red trails.

Features:  11 miles of canal, then narrow twists/turns from Canal Run to Billys Island. Lots of tall, eerie, picturesque trees with Spanish moss.

Shelters:  5.6 miles from Suwannee Canal Rec. Area is Coffee Bay day-use only shelter. Canal Run camping platform is 10 miles from Suwannee Canal Recreation Area. Can get out at Billys Island to stretch your legs

and have lunch.

Current:  Gently flows west towards Stephen C. Foster State Park.

Precautions:  During times of low water levels, the narrow twists/turns between Canal Run and Billys

Island can be difficult.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Yellow Trail intersection

30°44'14.8"N, 82°10'14.7"W or 30.737442, -82.170742


GPS-2: Beginning of Pink Trail

30°44'14.0"N, 82°10'29.3"W or 30.737230, -82.174807


GPS-3: Purple Trail intersection

30°48'13.8"N, 82°14'50.2"W or 30.803840, -82.247265


GPS-4: Blue Trail intersection (turn to head towards Floyds Island camp)

30°48'51.0"N, 82°15'02.6"W or 30.814165, -82.250723


GPS-5: Billys Island access (on south side of Orange Trail)

30°49'53.3"N, 82°19'57.9"W or 30.831474, -82.332757


GPS-6: Red Trail intersection

30°50'05.5"N, 82°20'35.4"W or 30.834862, -82.343155

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