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General Location:  Furthest south campsite; east side of Refuge.

Trail:  Pink Trail.

GPS Coordinates for Campsite:  30°40'28.9"N, 82°12'21.6"W or 30.674692, -82.206006

Type of Camping:  On platform. The land around the platform is mostly “boggy.” There’s nowhere

to explore or to walk around beyond the platform.

Mileage to Other Points of Interest:

Suwannee Canal Recreation Area – 8 miles

Cedar Hammock – 7 miles
Canal Run – 13 miles
Round Top – 15 miles
Coffee Bay day use shelter – 9.2 miles

Notes:  Vault/pit toilet is located at water’s edge, then it’s a 120-ft. boardwalk to the camping

area; sits back in the woods. From experience, the animal noises at night here can be loud,


GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Beginning of Pink Trail
30°44'14.0"N, 82°10'29.3"W or 30.737230, -82.174807

Pink Trail.png
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