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Difficulty:  Moderate. 

Distance:  5 miles.

General Location:  East part of Refuge in Chesser Prairie, begins 2.1 miles from Suwannee Canal Recreation Area.

Connects:  Orange Trail / Suwannee Canal with Monkey Lake camping platform.

Features:  Iconic open prairies, grasslands, some trees, great place to see alligators and large wading birds.

Shelters:  At the end of trail is the Monkey Lake camping platform.

Current:  Generally flows towards Suwannee Canal.

Precautions:  There is little reprieve from the sun or wind. Due to the length and repetitiveness of the open prairie, it can often seem much longer than 5 miles.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Beginning of Pink Trail
30°44'14.0"N, 82°10'29.3"W or 30.737230, -82.174807

Pink Trail.png
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