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General Location:  Middle-central part of Refuge. 

Trail:  Orange Trail.

GPS Coordinates for Campsite:  30°48'55.6"N, 82°15'10.5"W or 30.815433, -82.252917

Type of Camping:  Platform. Half of the platform is over the water, backs up to and has access to land.

Mileage to Other Points of Interest:

Stephen C. Foster State Park – 7 miles

Suwannee Canal Recreation Area – 10 miles

Round Top – 3 or 6 miles
Floyds Island – 5 miles
Cedar Hammock – 9 miles
Mixons Hammock – 9 miles
Monkey Lake – 13 miles
Bluff Lake – 11 miles

Coffee Bay – 4.2 miles

Billys Island access – 5.3 miles

Notes:  Located in a narrower part of the Suwannee Canal. Has a fire ring for campfires. Platform

wood at this site can be slick when wet, even after morning dew. Has vault/pit toilet.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Yellow Trail intersection
30°44'14.8"N, 82°10'14.7"W or 30.737442, -82.170742

GPS-2: Beginning of Pink Trail
30°44'14.0"N, 82°10'29.3"W or 30.737230, -82.174807

GPS-3: Purple Trail intersection
30°48'13.8"N, 82°14'50.2"W or 30.803840, -82.247265

GPS-4: Blue Trail intersection (turn to head towards Floyds Island camp)
30°48'51.0"N, 82°15'02.6"W or 30.814165, -82.250723

GPS-5: Billys Island access (on south side of Orange Trail)
30°49'53.3"N, 82°19'57.9"W or 30.831474, -82.332757

GPS-6: Red Trail intersection
30°50'05.5"N, 82°20'35.4"W or 30.834862, -82.343155

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