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Difficulty:  Easy. 

Distance:  2.6 miles.

General Location:  East-central part of the Refuge, skirts the edges of the Chase Prairie. Runs south - north


Connects:  Orange Trail / Suwannee Canal with the Green Trail, which heads to Floyds Island in northwest direction, and Bluff Lake in northeast direction.

Features:  Prairies, grasslands, very few trees, great place to see alligators and large wading birds.

Shelters:  No shelters on the Blue Trail, however, nearby are Canal Run, Round Top and Floyds Island campsites.

Current:  Negligible. Closer to the Orange Trail, there can be a slight current south.

Precautions:  You’re exposed to the elements after approximately three-quarters of a mile north of the Suwannee Canal.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Orange Trail / Suwannee Canal intersection
30°48'51.0"N, 82°15'02.6"W or 30.814165, -82.250723

GPS-2: Purple Trail intersection
30°50'07.4"N, 82°14'50.8"W or 30.835384, -82.247456

GPS-3: Green Trail intersection
30°50'43.8"N, 82°15'11.5"W or 30.845498, -82.253180

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