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General Location:  East part of Refuge. 

Trail:  Yellow Trail.

GPS Coordinates for Campsite:  30°44'54.1"N, 82°10'23.1"W or 30.748367, -82.173083

Type of Camping:  Platform in water. No dry land.

Mileage to Other Points of Interest:

Suwannee Canal Recreation Area – 3 miles

Monkey Lake – 7 miles
Canal Run – 9 miles
Round Top – 11 miles
Floyds Island – 13 miles
Coffee Bay day-use shelter – 4.7 miles

Notes:  Probably the best, first platform you can visit as a newcomer or novice to Okefenokee!

Great views of the surrounding prairie. Platform is constructed from plastic modular floating dock.

At night, to the northeast, you’ll see some faint Folkston, GA lights. Has vault/pit toilet.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Orange Trail / Suwannee Canal intersection
30°44'14.8"N, 82°10'14.7"W or 30.737442, -82.170742

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