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Difficulty:  Moderate to difficult, due to remoteness, length and often lower water levels in winter. 

Distance:  Nearly 20 miles.

General Location:  Northeast to middle part of Refuge.

Connects:  Kingfisher Landing to Bluff Lake camping, to east of Floyds Island, then a 0.25 mile portage across Floyds Island, then west of Floyds Island to the Red Trail.

Features:  Prairies, grasslands, few trees east of Floyds Island, dense tree/swamp-like cover west of Floyds Island.

Shelters:  Bluff Lake camping platform, Floyds Island.

Current:  Generally flows southwest.

Precautions:  You’re exposed to the elements for most of the paddle from Bluff Lake to Floyds Island.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Red Trail intersection – EAST

30°57'16.0"N, 82°09'06.7"W or 30.954456, -82.151847


GPS-2: Blue Trail intersection

30°50'43.8"N, 82°15'11.5"W or 30.845498, -82.253180


GPS-3: Red Trail intersection – WEST (not shown on map below)

30°52'31.8"N, 82°18'09.1"W or 30.875492, -82.302518

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