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General Location:  North-central part of Refuge. 

Trail:  Red Trail.

GPS Coordinates for Campsite:  30°56'12.1"N, 82°16'47.1"W or 30.936701, -82.279736

Type of Camping:  Platform in water. No dry land.

Mileage to Other Points of Interest:

Stephen C. Foster State Park – 11 miles

Maul Hammock – 9 miles
Floyds Island – 8 miles
Minnies Lake day-use shelter – 6.8 miles
Mixons Hammock – 13 miles
Green Trail intersection – 5 miles

Notes:  Great views of the waterway. Beautiful paddle with lots of variety when coming from SFSP.

Fantastic sunset/sunrise photo opportunities. This campsite takes a lot of effort to get to, is remote,

and very much feels that way. Has vault/pit toilet.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Green Trail intersection – EAST
30°57'16.0"N, 82°09'06.7"W or 30.954456, -82.151847

GPS-2: Green Trail intersection – WEST
30°52'31.8"N, 82°18'09.1"W or 30.875492, -82.302518

GPS-3: Orange Trail intersection
30°50'05.5"N, 82°20'35.4"W or 30.834862, -82.343155

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