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Difficulty:  Very strenuous. 

Distance:  32 miles.

General Location:  Covers the remote north part of the Refuge, Suwannee River watershed, heads

southwest to west-central part of the Refuge.

Connects:  Begins at Kingfisher Landing, ends at Billys Lake and access to Stephen C. Foster State Park.

Features:  Just about every type of feature in the Refuge; prairies, grasslands, wide river basin,

narrow twisties, gorgeous cypress trees. You’ll experience it all on this trail.

Shelters:  Maul Hammock, Big Water, Minnies Lake day- use shelter.

Current:  Generally flows south, in the direction of the Suwannee River.

Precautions:  For experienced paddlers and campers only. Paddling the entire Red Trail requires a

minimum of 2 nights / 3 long days. Route: Stephen C. Foster State Park, to Big Water, to

Maul Hammock, to Kingfisher Landing.

Pro Tip:  Try the ultimate Okefenokee, expedition-level, winter 4 night loop beginning and ending

at Kingfisher Landing, by adding the Green Trail. Route: Kingfisher, to Maul Hammock, to Big Water,

to Floyds Island, to Bluff Lake, back to Kingfisher.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Green Trail intersection – EAST
30°57'16.0"N, 82°09'06.7"W or 30.954456, -82.151847

GPS-2: Green Trail intersection – WEST
30°52'31.8"N, 82°18'09.1"W or 30.875492, -82.302518

GPS-3: Orange Trail intersection
30°50'05.5"N, 82°20'35.4"W or 30.834862, -82.343155

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