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Photo source (above): Google Maps.​

General Location:  North, remote part of the Refuge. 

Trail:  Red Trail.

GPS Coordinates for Campsite:  31°00'58.4"N, 82°15'23.8"W or 31.016233, -82.256600

Type of Camping:  Platform in water. No dry land.

Mileage to Other Points of Interest:

Kingfisher Landing - 12 miles

Big Water – 9 miles

Notes:  For strong paddlers only. The paddle from Kingfisher to Maul Hammock can be a

challenge. It’s nearly all open prairie and grasslands. This can make the 12 mile haul seem much

longer than it already is. There are no rest stops or places to get out and stretch your legs.

At night, to the north, you’ll see some faint Waycross, GA lights. The campsite has a vault/pit toilet.

GPS Coordinates for Map Below:


GPS-1: Green Trail intersection – EAST
30°57'16.0"N, 82°09'06.7"W or 30.954456, -82.151847

GPS-2: Green Trail intersection – WEST
30°52'31.8"N, 82°18'09.1"W or 30.875492, -82.302518

GPS-3: Orange Trail intersection
30°50'05.5"N, 82°20'35.4"W or 30.834862, -82.343155

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