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 # 7 - The Hatchery 



 Rated: Easy to Moderate 

 3 miles, round-trip 


 The Hatchery, or sometimes called "Pinopolis Pool" by 

 locals, is a 2,200+ acre Department of Natural Resources 

 protected Waterfowl Management Area. It's somewhat 

 contained by a series of old dikes and many small islands. 

 This paddle offers everything from a couple hours of easy 

 fun to an all-day adventure; there's lots to see! Wildlife 
-includes wading birds, song birds and small game. It 
-offers some of the best fishing around. 


Difficulty:  Easy to moderate. 

Distance:  3 miles, round-trip, further exploration is encouraged!

Time2 - 2.5 hours.

Crowds:  Moderate. You're guaranteed to see boaters/anglers in this area. 

Put In / Take Out:  Hatchery Wildlife Management Area, State Road S-8-802, Pinopolis, SC 29469. GPS: 33.268503, -80.103042 or 33°16’06.6”N, 80°06’11.0”W

Fees/Permits:  None.


Current:  Negligible, generally south direction.

Tidal Influence:  None.

Precautions:  You’ll have protection from some winds with a few islands and dikes, however, there are plenty of open spaces in The Hatchery where winds can intensify resulting in waves/whitecaps. There are hundreds of tree stumps just inches below the water’s surface. These can flip a paddler if a boat gets wedged on top. Tip: these stumps can usually be seen with polarized sunglasses. It’s advisable to wear bright orange during hunting season.

Water Level:  For this Blueway paddle trail, water level is not much of a concern because of open waters. Lake Moultrie Water Levels click HERE.

So Much History Nearby: Did you know Berkeley County has more than 110 historical markers and historical points of interest? CLICK HERE to find your Adventures in History!

Weather on the Trail:  Click HERE


  The Hatchery PHOTO GALLERY  

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